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15 February 1980
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I'm a 27-year-old Chinese girl that knows enough Chinese to play Mah Jong, order (some) food, and get money at Chinese New Year.

I'm also a Stockton-to-Orange County transplant by way of Sacramento and Los Angeles, originally migrating here to feed my love of music, and/or spoil myself with lots of shows. For a few years, I did generously, going to around 200 shows a year. I've since slowed down a bit, but it definitely is still one of my favorite things to do. Bonding with my TiVo now comes in a close second (I'm kidding,... sort of). I've been hopping on some tours too - I love to travel and see new things and meet new people.

Wii Number: 2601 4240 2317 0759


I love shows and photography. I take more music photos than you'd likely believe.

Bands I regularly photograph include Rx Bandits, The Littlest Man Band (well, used to), Starpool, Chris Paul Overall, Story of the Year, Head Automatica, Adair, Facing New York, Monty Are I, and Rocco DeLuca & the Burden.

Semi-interesting facts:
- My cell phone is extremely old and covered in film leader tape to hold it together. (I've had it longer than some friends! Seriously.)
      - I got a new old phone, finally... It's just as old but there's no tape or superglue (yet). But I broke the back off once already! And now I've had to solder it. Maybe I should get a third job as a Motorola beta tester.
- I finally got a new phone, and after a year it fell off at school while I was helping a guy push-start his car, and I believe it was run over. The new phone is appropriately called "NewerHotness" and greets me with the message "Don't push a Camaro today."
- If shoes describe a person, then most of the time I'm hard working, a bit dirty, slightly abused, ready to work, and a little worn out.
- I went to over 190 shows in 2003, not counting the days/nights I was in a recording studio photographing. [Click for 2004's running tally] I'm going to try and keep a tally going in 2007.
- I'm a photobooth enthusiast (and have been prior to seeing Amélie, thankyouverymuch).
- I also enjoy purikura (japanese digital photobooths).
- I've won twice just by searching the interweb.
No, seriously. $10 at iTunes and a movie ticket. Plus my friend won those too. So sign up so I can win your stuff. Yay!

- Oh, and I like things. My Amazon.com Wish List

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From the second episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ("The Cold Open"), above the timer in what is now Matt's office:
"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."
(Groucho Marx)

Photo journal: rockandillshoot (rarely touched nowadays, but maybe soon.)
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