Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

LoJoWriMo3, entry 22: 25 minutes to go

on saturday the 22nd i went back into the studio with monty! i headed back up to the studio and got there just before noon. they were to have a 9 piece string orchestra but it ended up being 10 session players. the album is sounding AMAZING. i stayed in with them all day, and i'm actually on the album (i know, right?). they were finishing up a bunch of different parts so i have shots of ryan on trumpet, andrew on trombone, steve playing guitar and doing vocals... a bunch of stuff! and then i went back with them to their apartment they've been staying at and hung out for a while before heading home. had i not been tired and feeling like i was coming down with something, i would have headed out on the town with them... next time i suppose.
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