Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

monday night dinner

alright, to those of you who have been invited... who all is coming to the house for dinner tomorrow night?
plus, consider this roll call - rsvp... i'm making a ton of food...

i'm serving at 7-ish and 10-ish, for those of you who work/school late.

on the menu this week:
- oven fried chicken.
- home made oven baked mac & cheese.
- broccoli (no, seriously).
- probably a salad, not sure. if so, it'll be spinach (again, i know, but i'll eat it!)
- dessert

possibly halloween themed too, by suggestion...
if you plan on coming lemme know... and lemme know if you want to dress up... i don't really care either way, but that would be kinda amusing.

PS: bringing something - for the house, alcohol, or you know, money (a few bucks) - would be amazing if you could, cause this isn't cheap, ha. all of us would appreciate it =)
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