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[(camera + film) x girl] + good music = ...?

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Sunday, November 8th, 2009
3:40 am - chromatic - my solo photography show

a collection of octaves and light

My solo photography show!

up at Cal State Fullerton November 9 - December 18, 2009

ARTIST RECEPTION! Sunday, November 15, 2-6pm
(more details soon)

More info (including directions) at www.lisahuey.com

Hope you can make it... spread the word!

[I know I haven't been updating on here that much... I mostly do little updates here and there on Twitter (twitter.com/lisahuey) and facebook. I'm still working for the Census Bureau (decennial) ...I got a promotion to Assistant Manager for Recruiting (previously I was a Recruiting Assistant). Still shooting bands (although not as intense as before, 40 hrs/week will do that to you... that and bands not touring!). Still driving my Prius =) Still around!]

current mood: excited

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Sunday, August 16th, 2009
3:26 pm - Monty Are I - "Break Through the Silence"

Monty Are I - new album, Break Through the Silence, out 09-22-09!
The new single "One In A Million" is online now!

Go listen!
Go repost!
Go buy! When? 9-22!

It's been three years and I'm practically counting the days!

current mood: excited

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Thursday, April 9th, 2009
4:58 pm - Seven months from today: November 9th:
[figure I should start talking about it, since I've known for a while]



More details to follow. There will be a reception on a weekend around that date.
The show will be up for five weeks, so you travelling folk should get a chance to see it too!


current mood: ecstatic

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Sunday, April 5th, 2009
3:33 am - fuck. yes.
three little words.


fuck. yes.

plus they're around next week for 10 days YAYYYYYYYYYYYY *(#@URIODJ:SFKSLJL:FS!!!!!!!

current mood: ecstatic

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
10:53 am - make that dolla!
so i'm a federal employee now! i got fingerprinted last wednesday, which was my first day on the job (training). got fingerprinted twice. so now i have an FBI file! if i didn't already. i'm guessing i didn't considering i did get the job.

anyhow, i'm working for the Census Bureau! the 2010 Census is coming up and they are hiring for their multiple operations. the first one is going to start in the beginning of next year. i'm a Recruiting Assistant in the local office (which, right now, is Santa Ana, until we open more late next year, at which point I'll be transferred to Fullerton).

Recruiting Assistant... which means I CAN HELP YOU FIND A JOB WITH THE CENSUS if you need or want one.
here's the kicker... our lowest paid position starts at $12.75/hour. paid training.
The job we're hiring the most people for is $17/hour. In your own neighborhood. Paid training. Paid mileage.
You take a test (30 minutes, 28 questions) and fill out an application, and you're set - we'll call you if you get a position.

We're hiring in all neighborhoods - location is important.
If you're bilingual we're looking for that too. (EDIT: but it's not necessary)

So yeah, if you want to get hired in the new year (this is temporary, part time for 5-10 weeks for the most part, but some jobs do last longer, like mine) LET ME KNOW!

Or you can go to www.census.gov/losangeles for more info
or call 866/861-2010 to set up a test date.
That number works nation-wide, so if you want a job in your area, call and punch in your zip code.

...so yeah, i'm making bank. woohoo!
get in on it!!!

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008
11:35 pm - LoJoWriMo3, entry 22: 25 minutes to go
on saturday the 22nd i went back into the studio with monty! i headed back up to the studio and got there just before noon. they were to have a 9 piece string orchestra but it ended up being 10 session players. the album is sounding AMAZING. i stayed in with them all day, and i'm actually on the album (i know, right?). they were finishing up a bunch of different parts so i have shots of ryan on trumpet, andrew on trombone, steve playing guitar and doing vocals... a bunch of stuff! and then i went back with them to their apartment they've been staying at and hung out for a while before heading home. had i not been tired and feeling like i was coming down with something, i would have headed out on the town with them... next time i suppose.

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
6:32 am - LoJoWriMo3, entry 19: monty are i studio time whoohoo!
wednesday i went up to LA to spend time with the guys of monty are i while they are finishing up their record. steve, the singer, still will come back to finish up vocals after thanksgiving, but they're mostly done with everything else. they're in a studio near culver city off the 10 freeway. cozier place than the last (then again the last had a lounge with a pool table, kitchen, and a ginormous tv. we're talking HUGE.) but still pretty sweet.

they had a few session players in to record some strings... viola, violin, and cello. this was a new experience for them (as they used synth on wall of people) and new for me, as the closest i've worked to this was shooting jake play his double bass when i was with the littlest man band at capitol. which is almost the same. kinda. not really.

fun fact: during the recording of a particular part of one song, one of the girls said that she figured that the other girl was playing at a rate of 704 notes per minute. (i don't get how the math works, but whatever)

it's been fun to hear the changes of the songs as layers keep getting added, not to mention getting to spend time with the guys while they're on this side of the country. i'm supposed to go in again on saturday when they're wrapping up. hee!

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
11:42 pm - LoJoWriMo3, entry 4: working the polls
i was stoked to work this election.

i'm really, really, really tired right now but to sum things up, i was employed to work the polls today. i was on the a-team, to be dispatched if needed to polling places. and i was at 8 this morning. i was on my feet from when i arrived just before 9 until i closed the polls at 8, and then closed the polling place at 9. and my job was to help people vote in this historic election. and it was one of the best days of work i've done.

i'll elaborate more later, but i am exhausted. i've been up for like, 19 hours, and i worked for over 15 of them.

yay obama. =)

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
7:46 pm - Voting!!!
So I'm going to be working for the Orange County Registar of Voters later in the month, and on Election Day.

You can still register to vote until October 20th, and can request a form be sent to you by going to this website: Voter Registration - CA Sect. of State.
Here, you'll find a few options, but the one I used is under #2 - you can have a Voter Registration Form mailed to you. Fill out the information, and they'll print it out and send it to you. All you have to do is sign it and send it back postmarked by October 20th (you still have time!).
Plus, the Registar of Voters in Santa Ana (overseeing Orange County) will actually be open until midnight on October 20th, with DRIVE THROUGH REGISTRATION. Yeah! You can still register, tell your friends!

Also, in OC you can go to any of the early voting polls! I'll be working at the one at Chapman University from October 20th until the 28th, but it will be open on the 19th as well (I just won't be there that day). ANYONE registered to vote in Orange County can go to ANY of these polling places before November 4th to vote, making it more convenient to vote. Early voting polls will be open for these 10 days, especially handy if one doesn't believe they can vote on Election Day at their local polling place (or if you don't know where it is). You can find a list of these polling places at the official OCVote.com site, which also gives the address for the site I'll be at. Drop by the Chapman one and I'll help you check in!

You can still register to vote Absentee (now called "Vote by Mail") until October 28th, too. If you wish you can drop your Absentee/Vote by Mail ballot off at the Early Election Polling places, but just know if you've already sent in a ballot, don't vote again at a poll (no multiple ballots will be counted).

So remind your friends who have moved or who haven't registered to do so now!
(You don't need ID to vote - just verify your information when checking in at the polls. If this is the first election you are voting in, you only need proof of residence. So you can't use a lost ID or having no ID as an excuse!)

current mood: good

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
6:28 am - seatac
dear former self,
your present self thanks you for setting an alarm on your phone. your present self doesn't remember when the former self set said alarm, but she is grateful that you did. otherwise she might have stayed passed the fuck out at the hotel instead of getting herself to the airport.
love, present self.

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Saturday, March 8th, 2008
6:02 pm - another (small) update from detroit
www.DiNGSOMETHiNG.com is live with my blog now, so go check it out... =)

it's another blog of mine as the "hey i'm the photographer that DiNG put on Taste of Chaos! Dude, check out these photos I took!"
so yeah, that's me. again. haha.
but there you'll get to see what i do on tour and such.

i'm going to go pee and get ready to shoot avenged. then i'm meeting up with my old buddy matt wixson for some pizza or something before bus call at 1. i'm planning to get back earlier than that, of course.

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
12:27 pm - TOC tour: day one - Denver, mile-high city
I've been sitting on my ass here in denver for about an hour and a half.
the flight from ontario wasn't bad, i got some sleep on it.
sat next to this guy that looked like a professor from CSUF (lester). he enjoyed hearing how he was open note/open book during tests. and reportedly open mouth for the final (which i didn't have to take anyway).
after i turned on my phone when i landed, i got a few texts and a voicemail.
the voicemail was someone telling me "heyyyy... just so you know there's 13 inches of snow on the ground in st. louis. so bring a coat. unless you're already on your plane, in which case this call is worthless to you" ...hahahah

my layover was supposed to be an hour, so technically about 30 minutes of downtime before they start boarding. i found an outlet and sat down. i was looking at my computer, which is still on pacific time (i'm in mountain right now) so i hadn't noticed that we were delayed for quite a while. around the time that we were to have started boarding was the first announcement - all the screens had said we were on time that i had passed. apparently there's some mechanical problem with the plane.

so i've been waiting here for about an hour and a half. the floor is not comfy. but there's free internet access and i found myself an outlet, and on my way to the gate bought a half-decent sandwich.

i think i'm going to try and take a nap. considering i'm against the wall next to the boarding gate i'll wake up when anything gets going. our estimated departure time is in an hour, but i'm not holding my breath. another flight leaves at 3:30 so they'll reevaluate what's going on then. apparently it's the brakes.

more updates soon...

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
12:11 am - taste of chaos
i'll be on taste of chaos shooting photos from tuesday march 5th until an as-yet-unspecified date. i'll be out for at least a month of the tour.

national tour, what?!

a bus riding, bunk sleeping, photo taking, street team kid leading job.


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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
4:18 pm - just surrender to jsurr.
just surrender tomorrow and friday (my birthday!)
and YAYZ tisha time by this time tomorrow!!
i'll get to see more than a quarter of the people in this photo!!


and now, errands.

also, birthday dinner plans soon, it'll probably be in a few weekends. if you're not doing anything saturday and want to have a late lunch, let me know... some of us are getting together too!

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Friday, February 8th, 2008
3:54 pm - baaahahahaha
1. go to google.
2. type "find chuck norris"
3. hit "i'm feeling lucky"

optional, but inevitable step 4: laugh uncontrollably after seeing resulting page.

current mood: amused

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
4:54 am - christmasssssss
in case you're wondering, here's my wishlists:


kaboodle is pretty cool because you can add stuff to your wish list from ANY website.
there's this other little neat thing, where you can add a few things and have people vote on which they like best. and it takes the pictures from the site automatically, making a little slideshow dealie. neat.

and of course, the amazon list. sort by priority please, and use normal view so you can read my notes!
My Amazon.com Wish List

and uh, hi my favorites, what do you want for xmas/hanukkah?

also, i finished the march entry. i'll try to delve into april tomorrow, but OH LORD was that a busy month. i went on tour. OH BOY did i go on tour...

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
12:57 am - LoJoWriMo day 1, second edition
so i briefly toyed with the idea of doing NaNoWriMo this year... i was getting the notices in my email, and i had a short synopsis in my head (well, more like i thought it up quickly and realized i could use it for nanowrimo had i wanted). i've been distracted with other things recently though, and figured i wouldn't be able to finish. i didn't realize that i had attempted in 2004 - i thought it was more recent than that. knowing i did that three years ago, two homes ago (in the LA apartment), not long after i had just gotten this laptop (poor thing is old and getting janky... yes, janky)... it really kind of makes me surprised how fast that time went. i finished college since then. i think i had actually gotten the call from CSUF saying "we got more grant money - we can accent 2500 more students. you applied for fall next year, but do you want to come back in the spring?" while i was working on the novel.


anyway, jessicka started work on her LoJoWriMo a few days ago - and while she didn't start on november first, she'll be working for 30 days... so while i'm starting a few days late, with slight prodding from her, i'm starting my lojowrimo journaling now... and will continue working daily through december 6th (since it's after midnight). i suppose if i miss a day i can make it up, as long as i get 30 entries in before the 6th.

so hi everyone, this is me back on your friends page.

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Sunday, October 28th, 2007
2:47 pm - monday night dinner
alright, to those of you who have been invited... who all is coming to the house for dinner tomorrow night?
plus, consider this roll call - rsvp... i'm making a ton of food...

i'm serving at 7-ish and 10-ish, for those of you who work/school late.

on the menu this week:
- oven fried chicken.
- home made oven baked mac & cheese.
- broccoli (no, seriously).
- probably a salad, not sure. if so, it'll be spinach (again, i know, but i'll eat it!)
- dessert

possibly halloween themed too, by suggestion...
if you plan on coming lemme know... and lemme know if you want to dress up... i don't really care either way, but that would be kinda amusing.

PS: bringing something - for the house, alcohol, or you know, money (a few bucks) - would be amazing if you could, cause this isn't cheap, ha. all of us would appreciate it =)

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Monday, October 8th, 2007
12:38 am - the last few days and the upcoming events
rambly, slightly edited entry time.

friday night/saturday morning: left anaheim at 12:37 am.
drove till 3:20-something, pulled over. slept for about 45 minutes.
drove some more. pulled over again not long after. slept for maybe 15 minutes.
woke up to a phone call at 5 am... started driving right away.
got back to stockton at 7:15. crashed out by 7:35.
woke up to a phone call from my parents at 8:30; they were asking where i was.
uh, i was in the room next to them, in bed. haha.
then i went back to sleep for another hour.
got picked up by ellen and her mom around 10. we met up with melissa in sacramento, and looked at wedding dresses with ellen (for ellen. obviously).
i kept taking cat naps when we drove from place to place. lots of fun.
i got back at 6:30.
drove to uncle's, visited with him, aunt, cousin. and then i passed out there at 9-something.
woke up after maybe 45 minutes of disjointed sleep.
came back home around 10:30 or 11ish. and i passed out around 11:30.
then i missed a bunch of text messages and a call or two.

woke up to a call at 4:15 am. stayed on the phone for an hour.
stayed up afterward. set up my mom's new macbook pro (SO. JEALOUS.)
set up their wireless (FINALLY). set up their printer on the network. install install install.
didn't go back to sleep by the time ellen, her mom, and teresa arrived a bit after 10.
packed up my stuff. threw it in the car. followed them to sacramento.
looked at more dresses. went to davis. more dresses. found some other options.
rode back to sacramento.
left from j-street mall at 4:02 pm.
stopped at a gas station briefly. got on i-80.
blazed down the highway.
thank god the pass was clear. i stopped near truckee to marvel at the snow on the ground; it was 60 degrees out. nice. beautiful. the snow tasted awful. i spit it out. then went back to the car. and then went back to try more. and spat that out too. ha. ew.
kept driving.
stopped for gas once, a few hours before i got here.
and no naps!
got to elko around 9:30.
in case you're not aware, IT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.
Map of elko, nv


i found the hotel i stayed at 6 years ago, when i first made this drive to salt lake. it's the same place my family and i stayed at years before that; across the street used to be my uncle's now ex-girlfriend's parents' restaurant. a chinese place. they've since sold it. now it's a mexican place. anyhow. i think the same woman checked me into the hotel as last time.
after i checked in, i hit up the local walmart.
one tv dinner, 6 pack of hornsby's, bottle of grey goose, package of cookies (for tisha, hee!), bag of sunchips (the latter three for tomorrow; plus 5 of the bottles of beer, i suppose).
plus free wireless interweb, and food network on the tv. life is good. (you should have seen my reaction when i checked that the tv got food network)
my dinner was the cheapest thing i bought at walmart. ha.

anyway, tomorrow. monday. 225 or so more miles to go to SLC. i pick up brianne and tisha at the airport.
and rock out we will. for the next three days. whee!
oh, and bird watching.
"i saw a goose in the parking lot earlier"

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Friday, October 5th, 2007
5:11 pm - brief update
new house is still great.
we've been having monday night dinners and i'm digging the idea a lot.
i've been using the beautiful kitchen and family recipes.
lots of good times.
i've become kind of anal about keeping the house clean. i always said once i started new i would. i guess it took a new house as opposed to moving from an apartment to another apartment.
that or keeping all my stuff mostly in one bedroom as opposed to an apartment.
plus, i've been keeping busy, hanging out with people a lot...

i'm leaving for stockton tonight; tomorrow and maybe part of sunday i'll be with ellen, who is trying on wedding dresses!
monday, tuesday, wednesday i'll be out with the monty are i guys in utah.
then i'm planning to stop in vegas on the way back to hang with the gang there.
be back friday.
not much else on the agenda coming up.

that's all.

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