Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

make that dolla!

so i'm a federal employee now! i got fingerprinted last wednesday, which was my first day on the job (training). got fingerprinted twice. so now i have an FBI file! if i didn't already. i'm guessing i didn't considering i did get the job.

anyhow, i'm working for the Census Bureau! the 2010 Census is coming up and they are hiring for their multiple operations. the first one is going to start in the beginning of next year. i'm a Recruiting Assistant in the local office (which, right now, is Santa Ana, until we open more late next year, at which point I'll be transferred to Fullerton).

Recruiting Assistant... which means I CAN HELP YOU FIND A JOB WITH THE CENSUS if you need or want one.
here's the kicker... our lowest paid position starts at $12.75/hour. paid training.
The job we're hiring the most people for is $17/hour. In your own neighborhood. Paid training. Paid mileage.
You take a test (30 minutes, 28 questions) and fill out an application, and you're set - we'll call you if you get a position.

We're hiring in all neighborhoods - location is important.
If you're bilingual we're looking for that too. (EDIT: but it's not necessary)

So yeah, if you want to get hired in the new year (this is temporary, part time for 5-10 weeks for the most part, but some jobs do last longer, like mine) LET ME KNOW!

Or you can go to for more info
or call 866/861-2010 to set up a test date.
That number works nation-wide, so if you want a job in your area, call and punch in your zip code. yeah, i'm making bank. woohoo!
get in on it!!!
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