Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

LoJoWriMo3, entry 19: monty are i studio time whoohoo!

wednesday i went up to LA to spend time with the guys of monty are i while they are finishing up their record. steve, the singer, still will come back to finish up vocals after thanksgiving, but they're mostly done with everything else. they're in a studio near culver city off the 10 freeway. cozier place than the last (then again the last had a lounge with a pool table, kitchen, and a ginormous tv. we're talking HUGE.) but still pretty sweet.

they had a few session players in to record some strings... viola, violin, and cello. this was a new experience for them (as they used synth on wall of people) and new for me, as the closest i've worked to this was shooting jake play his double bass when i was with the littlest man band at capitol. which is almost the same. kinda. not really.

fun fact: during the recording of a particular part of one song, one of the girls said that she figured that the other girl was playing at a rate of 704 notes per minute. (i don't get how the math works, but whatever)

it's been fun to hear the changes of the songs as layers keep getting added, not to mention getting to spend time with the guys while they're on this side of the country. i'm supposed to go in again on saturday when they're wrapping up. hee!
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