Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

TOC tour: day one - Denver, mile-high city

I've been sitting on my ass here in denver for about an hour and a half.
the flight from ontario wasn't bad, i got some sleep on it.
sat next to this guy that looked like a professor from CSUF (lester). he enjoyed hearing how he was open note/open book during tests. and reportedly open mouth for the final (which i didn't have to take anyway).
after i turned on my phone when i landed, i got a few texts and a voicemail.
the voicemail was someone telling me "heyyyy... just so you know there's 13 inches of snow on the ground in st. louis. so bring a coat. unless you're already on your plane, in which case this call is worthless to you" ...hahahah

my layover was supposed to be an hour, so technically about 30 minutes of downtime before they start boarding. i found an outlet and sat down. i was looking at my computer, which is still on pacific time (i'm in mountain right now) so i hadn't noticed that we were delayed for quite a while. around the time that we were to have started boarding was the first announcement - all the screens had said we were on time that i had passed. apparently there's some mechanical problem with the plane.

so i've been waiting here for about an hour and a half. the floor is not comfy. but there's free internet access and i found myself an outlet, and on my way to the gate bought a half-decent sandwich.

i think i'm going to try and take a nap. considering i'm against the wall next to the boarding gate i'll wake up when anything gets going. our estimated departure time is in an hour, but i'm not holding my breath. another flight leaves at 3:30 so they'll reevaluate what's going on then. apparently it's the brakes.

more updates soon...
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