Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

taste of chaos

i'll be on taste of chaos shooting photos from tuesday march 5th until an as-yet-unspecified date. i'll be out for at least a month of the tour.

national tour, what?!

a bus riding, bunk sleeping, photo taking, street team kid leading job.

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that's so awesome! what band are you riding on a bus with?
i'm actually on the sponsor bus!
awesome! are you working for the tour or for a specific band? is the tour coming through st. louis? (i don't know anything about shows coming in town anymore, i am so boring!)
for a company, actually. the tour IS coming through st. louis - that's actually my first day... march 5th. i fly out of here that morning, arrive there an hour before show starts. i was going to message you about it - i've been trying to tie up everything here first before i started on the interwebs about it. =)
i have no idea how bus call is going to work but we might be able to meet up if you wanted (not sure what your nights/next mornings look like). do you still have my number?
i actually have no classes on wednesday so if you need a ride or anything let me know. i don't know what that night will be like, it depends on my reading i have to do for thursday. but maybe we can get late dinner or a drink or something when you are done if you have time? i don't have anyone's number anymore - i am a hermit these days. :) i will send you my number on myspace the next time i'm on there!
i'll ask the people sending me about taxis and stuff today, i assume i'll get reimbursed but i'm not sure. my number is 209/470-3233 (it's all over the internets so i don't care if i put it on my LJ, ha). text me yours or email it to lisamhuey at aol dot-com =)
you best be on thr san jose
dude, if the WOOZ was still open i would have said to go there. NO FUCKING JOKE LOLZ
big-ups huey. people are fianlly starting to recognize how big a deal you really are. i'm proud of you homie =D
dag, it doesn't look like you'll be in sf. =(
yeah it's weird they tend to favor the SJ sports arena opposed to like, bill graham civic


February 29 2008, 05:04:17 UTC 9 years ago

If you have time any time on Sunday to share a meal and have some legit girl talk before you head out, please give me a call. I would love to hang out.
This was me, sorry.
no worries.
i'm actually going up to stockton tomorrow... well, today... for the chinese new year festival (yes, it was last month, but the festival is always first weekend in march). i'll be back tuesday and pack and then i leave wednesday. sup? also, you can always call!!!
I don't work Tuesday evening, maybe we could get take out and eat and I can help watch you pack, haha. Or something of the sort. Yeah I'll call Monday or Tuesday.
so proud...cant wait to here all about it. have a great time on tour.
have you run into your high five buddy yet at SXSW?
oh how i wish no paul this year.