Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

LoJoWriMo day 1, second edition

so i briefly toyed with the idea of doing NaNoWriMo this year... i was getting the notices in my email, and i had a short synopsis in my head (well, more like i thought it up quickly and realized i could use it for nanowrimo had i wanted). i've been distracted with other things recently though, and figured i wouldn't be able to finish. i didn't realize that i had attempted in 2004 - i thought it was more recent than that. knowing i did that three years ago, two homes ago (in the LA apartment), not long after i had just gotten this laptop (poor thing is old and getting janky... yes, janky)... it really kind of makes me surprised how fast that time went. i finished college since then. i think i had actually gotten the call from CSUF saying "we got more grant money - we can accent 2500 more students. you applied for fall next year, but do you want to come back in the spring?" while i was working on the novel.


anyway, jessicka started work on her LoJoWriMo a few days ago - and while she didn't start on november first, she'll be working for 30 days... so while i'm starting a few days late, with slight prodding from her, i'm starting my lojowrimo journaling now... and will continue working daily through december 6th (since it's after midnight). i suppose if i miss a day i can make it up, as long as i get 30 entries in before the 6th.

so hi everyone, this is me back on your friends page.
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