Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

the last few days and the upcoming events

rambly, slightly edited entry time.

friday night/saturday morning: left anaheim at 12:37 am.
drove till 3:20-something, pulled over. slept for about 45 minutes.
drove some more. pulled over again not long after. slept for maybe 15 minutes.
woke up to a phone call at 5 am... started driving right away.
got back to stockton at 7:15. crashed out by 7:35.
woke up to a phone call from my parents at 8:30; they were asking where i was.
uh, i was in the room next to them, in bed. haha.
then i went back to sleep for another hour.
got picked up by ellen and her mom around 10. we met up with melissa in sacramento, and looked at wedding dresses with ellen (for ellen. obviously).
i kept taking cat naps when we drove from place to place. lots of fun.
i got back at 6:30.
drove to uncle's, visited with him, aunt, cousin. and then i passed out there at 9-something.
woke up after maybe 45 minutes of disjointed sleep.
came back home around 10:30 or 11ish. and i passed out around 11:30.
then i missed a bunch of text messages and a call or two.

woke up to a call at 4:15 am. stayed on the phone for an hour.
stayed up afterward. set up my mom's new macbook pro (SO. JEALOUS.)
set up their wireless (FINALLY). set up their printer on the network. install install install.
didn't go back to sleep by the time ellen, her mom, and teresa arrived a bit after 10.
packed up my stuff. threw it in the car. followed them to sacramento.
looked at more dresses. went to davis. more dresses. found some other options.
rode back to sacramento.
left from j-street mall at 4:02 pm.
stopped at a gas station briefly. got on i-80.
blazed down the highway.
thank god the pass was clear. i stopped near truckee to marvel at the snow on the ground; it was 60 degrees out. nice. beautiful. the snow tasted awful. i spit it out. then went back to the car. and then went back to try more. and spat that out too. ha. ew.
kept driving.
stopped for gas once, a few hours before i got here.
and no naps!
got to elko around 9:30.
in case you're not aware, IT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.
Map of elko, nv


i found the hotel i stayed at 6 years ago, when i first made this drive to salt lake. it's the same place my family and i stayed at years before that; across the street used to be my uncle's now ex-girlfriend's parents' restaurant. a chinese place. they've since sold it. now it's a mexican place. anyhow. i think the same woman checked me into the hotel as last time.
after i checked in, i hit up the local walmart.
one tv dinner, 6 pack of hornsby's, bottle of grey goose, package of cookies (for tisha, hee!), bag of sunchips (the latter three for tomorrow; plus 5 of the bottles of beer, i suppose).
plus free wireless interweb, and food network on the tv. life is good. (you should have seen my reaction when i checked that the tv got food network)
my dinner was the cheapest thing i bought at walmart. ha.

anyway, tomorrow. monday. 225 or so more miles to go to SLC. i pick up brianne and tisha at the airport.
and rock out we will. for the next three days. whee!
oh, and bird watching.
"i saw a goose in the parking lot earlier"
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