Lisa (shuckiduck) wrote,

brief update

new house is still great.
we've been having monday night dinners and i'm digging the idea a lot.
i've been using the beautiful kitchen and family recipes.
lots of good times.
i've become kind of anal about keeping the house clean. i always said once i started new i would. i guess it took a new house as opposed to moving from an apartment to another apartment.
that or keeping all my stuff mostly in one bedroom as opposed to an apartment.
plus, i've been keeping busy, hanging out with people a lot...

i'm leaving for stockton tonight; tomorrow and maybe part of sunday i'll be with ellen, who is trying on wedding dresses!
monday, tuesday, wednesday i'll be out with the monty are i guys in utah.
then i'm planning to stop in vegas on the way back to hang with the gang there.
be back friday.
not much else on the agenda coming up.

that's all.
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